Monday, January 21, 2013

One Year, One Word

I don't have any New Year's resolutions this year.
What I do have, is a word that sums up how I want to be this year, and, as a result of that, how I want this year to be. For isn't it true that if I change, my circumstances change? I believe so! I have experienced over and over again that my own attitude is the only thing that can turn a lemon into lemonade (and, ouch - vice versa!).

By picking one word that will stay with me this year, the word will help me focus on what's important for me right now, and it will help me make better choices - both in how I choose to think and in what I choose do.

If YOU were to pick a word for 2013, what would it be?
Leave a comment below and share your word with us all, and you'll get a chance to win stamps from my line! That's right - all you have to do is to leave a comment telling us which word you'd choose (or have already chosen) for 2013. The winner will be announced here on Valentine's day, just because it's a date easy to remember :-) If you have blogged about your word, feel free to leave a link!

My word for 2013 is ENJOY!
I want to get better at enjoying the little things in life, to pay attention to the things I often take for granted. I also want to find something I can enjoy no matter what I do, including a pesky task such as taking clean dishes out of the dishwasher. I can enjoy having one! And when my back hurts, I will do my best to enjoy that my head isn't ...

For the first time in my life, I have started an Art Journal.
Well, I've made the cover for one. I painted it with colors that I - guess what - colors I enjoy! I chose turquoise for my word, a color that makes me happy just looking at it! :-)

A silly accident happened while I was working on my Art Journal cover. I needed more white acrylic paint, so I shook the tube with paint ... while the lid was open! I shook it twice before I realized what was going on ... White paint had hit my face... and my hair, and my new pair of pants, and the floor, a chair, and the window! I could have sworn, I could have cried, I could have called it a disaster! But I didn't ... Instead, I wondered if there was anything about this I could ENJOY! Well, there wasn't ......

Not until I was in the shower to wash off the paint in my hair and face - that's when I ENJOYED what had happened. For had it not, I wouldn't have taken a second shower that day, but now I stood there enjoying the hot water ...... Ahh, lovely! Just the fact that I have running water is something to be grateful for - and remember to enjoy. (In hindsight I realize that I also could have enjoyed that there was more white paint left in the tube ...)

Note to self: Never wear new pants while painting. Note to self #2: Close the lid before shaking any tube or bottle. (PS: I threw my pants in the washing machine right away, and the paint came off just fine!)

My Art Journal measures 12 x 13 inches, so there's lots of room I can play with!
The cover is made of thick watercolor paper. I've used ink sprays, acrylic paint, Silks Glaze from Luminarte, and soft pastels (the turquoise parts). I used a black pen to outline "enjoy", and black ink to stamp some floral branches, flowers and hearts (all from my own company), and oh, how I enjoyed adding glitter and turquoise confetti around the edges! For additional bling, I added some turquoise glitter dots from Elisabeth Craft Design here and there (they're hard to see on these photos, but trust be - they bling big time!).
Finally, I attached some paper beads and fibers to the upper ring of the back of the journal. The white lace in the upper left corner looks somewhat out of place, but hey - I enjoy having it there! ;-)

Inspiration to make this journal came from reading A year in the Life of an Art Journal, a blog you can find here:

Your turn: Remember to leave a comment below if you want to share your word for 2013, and by doing so you'll get a chance to win some stamps while you're at it! :-) The winner will be announced here on February 14th. If you are new here, you might like to see what you can win, huh? My line of nature rubber stamps can be seen on this page:

And, if you decide to make an Art Journal .....

.                                                                                                                              ENJOY! :-)))

Thanks for stamping by!


  1. ***** I love your post Bibi! ****
    My word is GRATEFUL and it's not for 2013 only but I do have things to be grateful for this year already :-)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your page/cover Bibi. Turquoise and orange are two of my favorites. =) I have done what you did with the paint but with an open bottle of ketchup. lol Going to go take a look at your stamps. I look forward to seeing more of your work! Oh and my word for this year is MINIMIZE. =)

  3. Great looking journal Bibi. What word would I choose? COURAGE because I think I'm going to need a lot of it to make it through this year. LOL

  4. I love your journal Bibi!!It makes me want to start one myself!! I'd keep it in my purse to jot down ideas that come to me when I'm not in my 'studio'. My word for the year is "continue" I want to continue to create, continue to organize, continue to eat healthy and continue to enjoy life!!

  5. EYES The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes...Marcel Proust I have liked this statement for many years. I would like to look at my stash with new eyes and use it this year. I also have a greater appreciation for eyes, since my brother has lost his sight and also a friend. Thanks, Bibi, for making me think. Maybe my word should be appreciate. Do ENJOY your lovely art journal.

  6. Hi
    I've recently started an art journal myself after taking a couple of classes with Kelly Kilmer. We're currently taking a class online as well, where she provides collage layout challenges and journaling prompts. I'm working in a journal that I made and have discovered that I don't like the size of it, but am going to use it for this class.
    I've also picked a word for the year, mine is meander. I feel like I spend my life rushing from thing to thing and place to place so it's time to slow down and take a look at what else is around me.


  7. My word for the year is accomplish. I always have a lot of ideas, plans and things I want to do, but always put them off for one reason or another. THIS year I am going to accomplish those. My one main one is to accomplish losing the rest of the weight I need to (another 50 pounds - down 25 so far!) so I can put off getting a knee replacement for a few years.

  8. What? Just one word? lol! "Enjoy" is an excellent choice. Consider all accidents as "happy accidents"!

  9. Hi Biby,
    So you can see that when you enjoy things you can learn a thing or two in the proces! LOL
    My word for 2013 is SYMPATHY. There are a lot of people who need our sympathy, our help, our compassion, so let's give it to them. Maybe that would help to make this world a little better....postive feelings are of so much worth!

    Jetske Masmeijer

  10. Very nice! The word I chose is LIFE. I'm still working on my journal, but will get it posted soon.

  11. Oh, how I have enjoyed reading about your words! Some food for thoughts here!
    Thank you all very much for leaving your comment and sharing your word with us all. 10 comments so far, and there is room for more .... :-)


  12. This page is very cool. I loved the story about the paint. It's great that you share your mess and how you found something to appreciate out of it. Did you use a stencil for all those little dots. You design stamps??? Oh boy!.... I'm going to look at them now.

    1. Thank you, Boo! Yes, I used a stencil for all those little dots - a punchinella (aka sequin waste). Love those!

  13. LOVE this, Bibi!! re the paint on your clothes thing... I recently learned that Murphy's Wood Oil does indeed, as Pinterest tells you, clean VERY OLD paint out of paint brushes. The other day, the thought occurred to me, that seeing as the label on Murphy's says it can be used on laundry (and I use it to clean the house and other things...) it MIGHT work to remove paint from clothing! I have yet to try it, but I plan on experimenting with an old rag with paints caked in it.

    1. Thank you, Rachel! Good to know about Murphy's, thank you for the tip! I will have to try that :-)

  14. Gorgeous beautiful colors on your journal! Love the turquoise. I just asked my husband for some of the Luminarte Silks for my birthday (still a few months off, but I want to make sure he gets them, lol). I just love your Word for the year.

  15. I just saw your post for your "singing in the rain" journal page. It's beautiful!!! and kind of ironic seeing as how I just came in from shoveling 5 inches of snow! I can't wait for spring to come, when we will have rain. A good rain is so peaceful and refreshing. Love it!!!

  16. I think my word for 2013 will be HAPPY. I have to remember I can choose to be HAPPY, regardless of the actions/criticisms of others. I am a work in progress.
    Thank you for a chance to win some of your lovely stamps, Bibi!!

  17. Hello Bibi, I love the colours and vibrancy of your journal cover...and so identify with the 'joy' of leaving a top off when shaking a product. I still have gold specks on the floor from alchohol ink :)

    If I had answered this when I first read it, my word would have been 'growth'. I made a committment to myself early in the year that this year I would take my art to a new level; that it was time to stop doing just excercises but do finished works & feel that I could honestly call myself an artist.

    Several things happened in the following weeks: a cyclone that knocked out power for over 2 days & internet & phone for longer and isolated our island community. Then only last night my beloved elderly cat had a strange turn. It's a waiting game with her now so currently my word is 'survival'. I really hope to get back to 'growth' soon. I think 'grief' may be my word in the interim.

  18. Oh dear, I'm so sorry. I really didn't mean to go into all that in the last paragraph. It all just came pouring out.